Expand Your Peace of Mind - B2 two-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

Expand Your Peace of Mind

Upgrade your space and expand your peace of mind at Residences at The Grove. Our luxury apartments redefine home standards. Here you find beautiful spaces that you and your guests can love forever. We have plenty of floor plans to make you happy, including our exclusive penthouse suites. So it’s easy to find the right fit for your needs and desires.

B2: A Dallas Two-Bedroom Apartment

Our B2 luxury apartment floor plan balances class and convenience. We are offering comfort in one neat 1,159-square-foot package. It features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a private balcony with a storage shed, an open-concept living and dining room, and finesse built in every corner. This floor plan best fits couples, small families, roommates, or those who want extra elbow room.

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The Capital Grille in Dallas - Filet Mignon – hand-cut classic perfection. pic by The Capital Grille on Yelp

The Capital Grille in Dallas

Pair your accomplishments with a refined meal at Residences at The Grove. Whether celebrating a birthday or a promotion, our luxury apartments encourage you to make the most of your happy achievements. We’re close to several of Dallas’ best restaurants, so you never lack options when finding the ultimate meal. So celebrate your move into a better lifestyle with The Capital Grille...

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Enjoy Less Hassle and More Fun in Dallas - Dallas luxury apartments with supportive community amenities

Enjoy Less Hassle and More Fun in Dallas

Need a break from your day-to-day routine? Then enjoy less hassle and more fun in Dallas at the Residences at The Grove. Our luxury apartments offer a relaxing community with elevated amenities to help support your lifestyle. So whether you’re looking to boost your productivity away from the office or bring your loved ones together, you can do it all here. So make your move into...

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Achieve a New Level of Relaxation - Dallas luxury apartments with elevated amenities

Achieve a New Level of Relaxation

Achieve a new level of relaxation and ease from home at Residences at The Grove. Your home should always be unique, and our luxury apartments are no exception. We have many elevated amenities that suit your lifestyle in every home, so you have everything you’ll need to relax. Life is better at the Residences at The Grove.

Feed Your Comforts

Whether you’re a professional...

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Dazzling One-Bedroom Apartments in Dallas - A3 One-Bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

Dazzling One-Bedroom Apartments in Dallas

Explore dazzling one-bedroom apartments in Dallas at Residences at the Grove. Our luxury apartments go above and beyond in presenting an awe-inspiring environment. Whether you want a refined studio apartment or a...

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