Step Into a New World and Welcome a Change of Pace

Step Into a New World and Welcome a Change of Pace

Was your last wine tasting a little weak? Are bourbon events getting boring? Then it’s time to shake things up. Step into a new world and welcome a change of pace with exotic entertainment options near your new home at the Residences at The Grove. Here, you have access to upscale fun and the freedom to relax and be yourself. So try something out of the ordinary, like a “knight” out with friends in Medieval Times. Your adventure awaits!

Medieval Times in Dallas

Medieval Times is a unique restaurant and performance venue that, as the name suggests, invokes inspiration from medieval fantasy and history. It’s well known for its family-friendly atmosphere, the epic jousting and fencing tournaments, and the beautiful horse shows. Roll up your sleeves for finger foods and enjoy selections from the full bar with plenty of commemorative cups. There is no pretension here, only raucous fun and lots of horses.

An Off-the-Wall Experience

Each show brings a new twist to the narrative, so you’ll get a different experience with every visit. Sit down at a random section of the arena and cheer for your chosen knight as they fight for the right to defend the kingdom. Witness live jousting, sword fighting, falcon training, and horseback riding with epic lights and sound that never stops. It’s always a packed house to reserve your tickets ahead of time.

Food Fit for a Medieval King

Sure, there’s no suckling pig or roast beast, but there is plenty of indulgence with or without a royal pedigree. Indulge in fresh garlic bread, tomato bisque, rotisserie chicken, and a decadent dessert. The bar is open throughout the evening so make sure you have something to toast your knight’s with. When was the last time you had swordplay with dessert?

Step into a new world and a welcome change of pace with a new life at the Residences at The Grove. However you choose to relax, whether, with exotic wines and friends or low-key events with plenty of cheering, you will love living here. There’s fun for every taste, so don’t miss out.