Brick & Bones in Deep Ellum - Chicken and Waffles at Brick & Bones in Deep Ellum near the Residences at The Grove

Brick & Bones in Deep Ellum

Enjoy an eclectic twist on Southern comfort foods within easy reach of your new home at the Residences at The Grove. Start with spectacular Deep Ellum Chicken at Brick & Bones in Deep Ellum. So be ready to spice up your weekend dinner plans with something extraordinary once you move to Residences at The Grove. Make your escape from the ordinary.

Brick & Bones in Dallas

Brick & Bones is one of Dallas’ top spots for fried chicken. All within a relaxed pub environment. So grab a few friends and enjoy their freshly cooked wings and thighs, a signature cocktail, and great patio views of downtown Dallas. Best of all, it’s only two miles from our luxury apartments. Being close by makes your rideshare a short ten minutes.

Goodness to Peel off the Bone

Brick & Bone’s chicken prides itself on its great seasoning and flavor. Grab a small meal of a three-piece chicken with your choice of sides. Or, feed the whole table with a large bucket of ten pieces. They also offer tenders, naked chicken without the batter, and spicy varieties for those who like to challenge their taste buds. So whether popping in for a quick bite or a family feast, there’s something for everyone.

Toast to Great Taste

Don’t forget to pair up your chicken with a refreshing beverage. An extensive bar offers dozens of options. Choose from draft and bottled beer, red and white wines, liquors from around the world. Of course, there are also signature cocktails. Not every chicken is served with iced tea, so ask for a shake-up of something special with your next Brick & Bones meal.

Enjoy a meal at Brick & Bones in Deep Ellum on your first weekend in your new home at the Residences at The Grove. Visit our Dallas luxury apartments and Brick & Bone today.