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Start Your Day with a Treat

Apartment hunting with a bonus – discover the best donuts near your new place. Choosing The Residences at the Grove isn’t just about finding a new apartment. It’s about embracing a lifestyle sweetened by nearby delights like Urban Donut & Coffee. Located right in the heart of Dallas, TX. This unique spot offers a DIY donut bar where you can create your perfect donut from scratch. Choose your type of donut, pick from variety of toppings and fillings, and pair it with ice cream or coffee. This fun and tasty experience is a brief walk from your new home, making it easy to treat yourself anytime. Start your day with a treat and explore what makes The Residences at the Grove the perfect home base to live where every day can be a little more delicious. Interested? Discover more about The Residences at the Grove.

Urban Donut & Coffee

At Urban Donut & Coffee, mornings can be as sweet as you want them to be. This isn’t your ordinary donut shop; it’s an adventure in flavors and fun right at the start of your day. Customize your breakfast with dozens of toppings and fillings, from classic chocolate sprinkles to exotic coconut shavings or even bacon bits. It’s the perfect way to make your morning routine exciting. Plus, their freshly brewed coffee is the ideal companion to your personalized pastry, ensuring you start your day off right. And if you’re in a rush, don’t worry – Urban Donut & Coffee offers convenient grab-and-go options so you can still indulge in a delicious treat on the go.

Everything at Your Doorstep

At The Residences at the Grove, you’re in a top-notch spot in Dallas where there’s way more than just yummy donuts nearby. You can check out fancy malls, tasty restaurants, theaters, and parks—all just a short drive away. With everything so close, you spend less time traveling and more time doing what you love, making life feel more free and fun. Living here means you’re at the heart of all the action, ready to explore and make the most of every day!

Amenities That Elevate Your Lifestyle

When you live at The Residences at the Grove, you don’t just get a nice apartment. You also get access to high-quality facilities that make your daily routine more comfortable and enjoyable. These amenities make your home life better in many ways. Our apartments feature luxurious interiors with modern fixtures and high-end finishes that make coming home the best part of your day. Our fitness centers, lounges, and pools are always kept clean and tidy for you to enjoy. You can unwind and connect with others in a comfortable and stylish environment.

Choosing The Residences at the Grove offers you a lifestyle that goes beyond the ordinary. You can indulge in creative breakfasts at Urban Donut & Coffee and take full advantage of living in one of Dallas’s most desirable neighborhoods. With everything from daily conveniences to occasional indulgences just steps from your door, life here is easy, fun, and full of flavor. Ready to upgrade your living situation? Start your day with a treat, schedule your tour, and see how our prime location can make every day a little better at The Residences at the Grove.