Dallas Two-Bedroom Apartments - two-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

Dallas Two-Bedroom Apartments

If you’re looking for Dallas two-bedroom apartments, The Residences at the Grove’s B5 floor plan could be the perfect setting for the new chapter of your story. Home is where your story begins, and this isn’t just any ordinary place. It’s a home that stands out with its unique charm and comfort. Imagine stepping into a spacious two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment that sprawls over 1,346 SF. Offering ample room for relaxation, creativity, and making memories. The B5 floor plan caters not only to your daily needs but also to add a touch of fun to your weekends.

Two Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms, and Tons of Space

The B5 floor plan at The Residences at the Grove is an ideal choice for anyone looking for more space. With its two well-sized bedrooms and two bathrooms, this layout stretches across a comfortable 1,346 SF. Ensuring ample room to live and breathe. This space is perfect not only for individuals but also for families or for sharing with a roommate. It provides a harmonious balance of communal areas and private retreats.

Luxury and Convenience in One Place

The B5 is unique because it mixes city-style comforts with smart design. It makes every day simpler and weekends a lot more fun. What’s really cool about the B5 is that you can have guests over in our special clubroom. It’s got great views of the pool, lots of TVs, a comfy hanging fireplace, a big kitchen, a place to grab coffee, and fun games like pool and shuffleboard. It’s the perfect spot for throwing a great party or chilling with friends.

Your Special Perch

And here’s a delightful surprise about the B5 floor plan at The Residences at the Grove – it comes with its very own perch! This charming feature provides you with a personal space to unwind and bask in the surrounding views. Whether you want to relax with a good book, savor the beauty of a sunset, or simply enjoy your morning coffee, this perch is your go-to spot.

Interested in Dallas two-bedroom apartments? Schedule a tour today at The Residences at the Grove and check out the B5 luxury floor plan.