The Perfect Layout for You - one-bedroom luxury apartment floor plan

The Perfect Layout for You

Imagine waking up on a sunny morning and having enough space to do your morning yoga routine without bumping into furniture. You’ll love the A3 apartment—it’s got everything you need and more! It’s a spacious 838 SF, with one bedroom and a bathroom and a half. We’ve added many little touches to make it feel special, like a spacious walk-in shower, custom closets to keep you organized, and even USB outlets to charge your phone. Plus, you’ll get stylish roller shades on your windows. It’s the perfect mix of comfort and style. See it for yourself and schedule a tour today! We can’t wait to show you how The Residences at the Grove can make your home special, the perfect layout for you.

The A3 Floor Plan

Imagine coming home to an apartment that’s both stylish and comfy. That’s the A3 floor plan at The Residences at the Grove! You get 838 SF of space, including a bedroom, a bathroom, and an extra half bath for guests. The living room and kitchen flow together, creating a big, open space perfect for hanging out or having friends over. It’s so easy to get around! And we’ve added lots of little touches to make life easier. The closets are custom-made to keep you organized, and there are even USB outlets for charging your phone. So you can live in style and comfort without sacrificing function.

Comfortable and Inviting Layouts

Our luxury apartment amenities make everyday life better and more fun. Every apartment at the Residences at the Grove has big windows that let in tons of sunlight, making it feel welcoming. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and excellent designs, making cooking enjoyable. Things like spacious showers and easy-to-use shades add a touch of luxury and make life easier. The extensive layout means you have lots of space to live comfortably, whether chilling alone or having people over. These perks make your life better and your home nicer to be in.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

We know everyone has different needs for their living space. That’s why we offer a variety of floor plans. Whether you need a one-bedroom apartment or more space, we have a floor plan that will fit your lifestyle. Our apartments provide extra room for those who need a home office or just want a bit more space. Each floor plan offers a mix of luxury and practicality, making it easy to find a home that suits your needs. With features like open-concept designs and smart storage solutions, our apartments meet a wide range of living preferences.

Residing at the Residences at the Grove means living a lifestyle that fits what you like and want. Our luxury apartments keep you comfortable, and they have lots of nice things that make everyday life better. Everything from the fancy stuff inside each apartment to how nice the shared areas make your life better. Plan a visit today to check out our pretty apartments and see how our floor plans and fancy apartment features can make your life better. Don’t wait to try out the best luxury living. Get in touch with us today to find your perfect home at the Residences at the Grove, just the way you want it.